Wear Strips & Wear Plates

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SelfLube’s wear strips function primarily as linear bearings to guide and control movement in metal stamping dies, molds, special machines and heavy equipment of all types. Ideal for extrusion sizing plates. Wear strips are available in a large range of standard inch and metric sizes, including NAAMS sizes. Made of solid aluminum bronze, they can be ordered either with or without self-lubricating graphite.
If a standard wear strip won’t do, We  can economically make custom configurations for special sizes, special mounting hole patterns, special graphite patterns, special corners and internal cut outs and pockets.Also, check out our wear plates section. Wear plates are a similar product frequently used in metal stamping dies.

Wear plates, wear strips and wear parts are used to reduce wear or erosion in mechanical systems. They are used wherever abrasion, impact, or heat may cause wear and tear on mechanical components. The proper selection of wear strips, plates and parts requires an understanding of both application requirements and product specifications.

Wear plates, wear strips and wear parts include basalt or ceramic liners which protect manufacturing machinery from abrasion or impact. These specially-designed wear pads or linings are resistant to the abrasive effects of the bulk processing of grain, ore, salt, limestone, coal, glass, and fly ash.

Oiles SWP-150250 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

Cam Followers Stud T Standard Stud
1.024 Inch | 26 Mill IKO

Oiles 70P-2564 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

15.212 Ball Bearing
Non-expansion INS-SC-70M

Oiles 70P-1564 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

QMPL09J111SEO Eccentric Collar
Bearing Triple Lip Urethane

Oiles SUP-25240 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

241 Steel
650 mm 250 mm

Oiles SUP-28300 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

B04144 N/A

Oiles SUP-25200 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

Pillow Block 2 Bolt Pillow Block;

Oiles SWP-150150 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

PEER BEARING CO. 8865590396887

Oiles SWP-125200 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

Spherical Roller Bea Flange Block
3.37 Inch | 85.598 M 8483.20.40.80

Oiles SWP-125250 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

19.655 Roller Bearings
B04336 0.0

Oiles SWP-125150 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

Not Split Oil Groove and Holes
232 1900 rpm

Oiles SWP-100250 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

Metric 1.378 Inch | 35 Mill
0.0 2.835 Inch | 72 Mill

Oiles SWP-100200 Wear Strips & Wear Plates

0 °F to 185 ° 30 °
Chrome Steel 52 mm