Spherical Rod Ends

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Rod ends and spherical plain bearings effectively handle oscillating movement and angular misalignment at relatively low sliding speeds. Rod ends feature an eye-shaped head on an integral shank. Also known as ball joint rod ends, spherical rod ends house spherical plain bearings. The rod end design supports pivoting within the housing to accommodate misalignment, along with radial and axial loads. Spherical plain bearings are also called spherical plain (or plane) bushings, spherical bushings, or ball joint swivel bearings. Due to their large contact area, spherical bushings are ideal for carrying high-capacity radial and axial loads in a small space. Certain bearings are designed for high misalignment or adjustable clearance. Spherical plain bearings work well in many heavy-duty applications, including articulated machinery joints, vehicle steering linkages, and textile equipment.

Spherco AREL8 Spherical Rod Ends

Crossville, TN - DC 12000 rpm
Non-Expansion Steel

Spherco AREL7 Spherical Rod Ends

299 mm 380 mm
40 mm 240 mm

Spherco ARE520 Spherical Rod Ends

6.89 in 6.19 in
0.73 in Mounted Bearing

Spherco AREL6 Spherical Rod Ends

13.0 in Split Cylindrical Ex
3.740 in 1.5 in

Spherco ARE10 Spherical Rod Ends

140 mm 22216CJW33C08C3
129.000 mm 0.0573

Spherco ARE4 Spherical Rod Ends

95 LB NO
No Short Series Plain

Spherco TM8YN Spherical Rod Ends

013992093707 4-3/16 in
Split Cylindrical Re 013992032454

Spherco TM6YN Spherical Rod Ends

Setscrew Round
No Coating 210 Series

Spherco AR10 Spherical Rod Ends

1590000 N 2.55
86 mm METRIC

Spherco CFF12N Spherical Rod Ends

782475041169 1.0000 in

Spherco AR8 Spherical Rod Ends

4 x M30 LSM300BRHRSS
0.1 in 17580 lbf

Spherco TF6Y Spherical Rod Ends

25200 rpm 0.994 Kg
METRIC 1.5 mm