Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

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A bushing, also known as a bush, is an independent plain bearing that is inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications; this is the most common form of a plain bearing.[8] Common designs include solid (sleeve and flanged), split, and clenched bushings. A sleeve, split, or clenched bushing is only a "sleeve" of material with an inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and length. The difference between the three types is that a solid sleeved bushing is solid all the way around, a split bushing has a cut along its length, and a clenched bearing is similar to a split bushing but with a clench (or clinch) across the cut connecting the parts. A flanged bushing is a sleeve bushing with a flange at one end extending radially outward from the OD. The flange is used to positively locate the bushing when it is installed or to provide a thrust bearing surface.

Sleeve bearings of inch dimensions are almost exclusively dimensioned using the SAE numbering system. The numbering system uses the format -XXYY-ZZ, where XX is the ID in sixteenths of an inch, YY is the OD in sixteenths of an inch, and ZZ is the length in eighths of an inch.[10] Metric sizes also exist.

A linear bushing is not usually pressed into a housing, but rather secured with a radial feature. Two such examples include two retaining rings, or a ring that is molded onto the OD of the bushing that matches with a groove in the housing. This is usually a more durable way to retain the bushing, because the forces acting on the bushing could press it out.

The thrust form of a bushing is conventionally called a thrust washer.

Oilite TT1502-B Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

9 9 mm
16 18000 r/min

Symmco ST-6496-6 Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

12 mm 12
12 12x28x12

Symmco ST-3476-4 Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

CX 0,53 kN
2,5 11,2 mm

Oilite TT3600- Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

0,496 kN 0,218 kN
6 10 mm

Oilite TT400- Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

15 ° 38 mm
110x200x38 200

Oilite TT504- Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

713622140 SUBARU / FORESTER /
8109 VKBA 3235

Oilite TT2006-B Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

1,7 Kg 0.0
1.70 5200 r/min

Oilite TT3001-01 Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

7316577093080 40
Steel 71 mm

Symmco ST-4054-4 Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

53,975 mm 1.8
150 kN 3.3

Oilite TT1303-02 Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

Fersa 77x127.99x30.6
L29002/L33492 77 mm

Symmco ST-3476-2 Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

53 mm 0,0955 Kg
IKO 20

Symmco ST-1840-4 Plain Sleeve Thrust Washers

17,7 Kg 140 mm
23228 KCW33 250