Cored Bar Stock

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Our continuous cast Cored Bar Stock are available in most Copper alloys and Gray and Ductile Iron's. Our cored bar stock is available in common sizes and display the highest quality and performance. We also carry cored bar stock in Sintered Bronze and Sintered Iron-Copper products as well.

Availability / Sizes
Most copper alloy solid bars are stocked 13", 105", or 144" lengths depending on the alloy. (Please visit the alloy page of your choice for the corresponding stocked length available.)

Benefits:Readily available,Stocked in a wide range of common sizes,Allows you to find material as close as possible to your net shape

Bunting Bearings, LLC B954C008020 Cored Bar Stock

0 N/A

Bunting Bearings, LLC B932C060076 Cored Bar Stock

Tapered Adapter Slee 2
6.3 Inch | 160 Milli 0155161

Bunting Bearings, LLC B954C008014 Cored Bar Stock

50 mm 114 mm
214 mm PLE210N-

Bunting Bearings, LLC B932C020034 Cored Bar Stock

8483.20.40.80 Yes
Non-expansion 14

Bunting Bearings, LLC B932C056080 Cored Bar Stock


Bunting Bearings, LLC ET3244 Cored Bar Stock

0.313 Inch | 7.95 Mi 0.03
0.014 2 Metal Shields

Bunting Bearings, LLC B954C028044 Cored Bar Stock

8483.20.40.80 6 Inch | 152.4 Milli
31171501 REXNORD

Bunting Bearings, LLC B932C032042 Cored Bar Stock

4 Bolt Square Flange NTN
31171501 UC206-102D1

Bunting Bearings, LLC B932C007009-13 Cored Bar Stock

74.6 mm 55 mm
200 °C 48.4 mm

Bunting Bearings, LLC B954C006014 Cored Bar Stock

3.938 Inch | 100.025 Triple Lip Urethane
31171501 Flanged

Bunting Bearings, LLC ET3264 Cored Bar Stock

0.106 0.438 Inch | 11.125
Ball Bearing 0.0

Bunting Bearings, LLC SSC 4102 Cored Bar Stock

B04311 0692314611043
N/A 0.0